Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chidambram Commits Treason * 77

One incident that has rocked India now is the act of the then Home Minister Mr. P Chidambram. This man was the Finance minister earlier and is a qualified lawyer, so he must be aware of the magnitude of his crime. the case is straight forward. The Lashkar e Toiba , a terrorist organization dispatched a hit squad to kill the Gujarat Chief Minster Narendra Modi. one of the members of the party was a girl named Ishrat Jahan.

The hit squad failed in its purpose and as a counter measure was eliminated by the Gujrat Police. Initially, the Congress government accepted this an filed an affidavit stating that Ishrat was a Let operative. Later on, instigation from a higher source a different affidavit was filed under the home minister signature that the girl had been killed in cold blood at the instigation of Narendra Modi. No mention was made that she was a member of a terrorist group. The aim was to destroy Modi as a political opponent.

The then Home Minister Chidambaram himself amended the draft  knowing fully well that Ishrat was a terrorist. Consumed by hatred the Congress party true to its nature falsified all the files and documents to make it appear that the girl had been killed in cold blood as she was a Muslim. This has been devious propaganda by the Congress party for last 65 years. this act of the HM is nothing short of treason and he needs to be tried for it. I wonder as to what depth the Congress and Chidambaram can stoop to nail a political opponent. In any case, Modi destroyed the Congress and now the time has come for the arrest of Chidambaram and trial for treason. There can be no short cuts.