Sunday, April 3, 2016

Can an Abducted Woman Love her Abductor * 64

One of the forms of marriage recognized in Hinduism is Asura Vivah or marriage by abduction. Perhaps the ancient Hindu saints recognized that a man may desire a woman so much that he could abduct her. So they sanctified it and accepted it as a form of marriage. This is a piquant situation and I wonder from the woman’s point of view of how she would feel if she was abducted and married by any man. Would she accept him? My thinking is positive on this issue though I am aware as per the modern law; it is a crime to abduct a woman. 

Throughout history, there are examples of women being kidnapped and abducted for marriage. The emperor Jahangir loved Noor Jahan so much that he got her husband killed and married her. History tells us that Noor Jahan became a favorite of Jahangir and advised him on all state matters as well as bearing his children. How did she forget her killed husband?
Perhaps it has something to do with psychology, mental makeup, and sex. When all these add up, then a woman is likely to accept the man who may be her abductor. There was a peculiar case before the Madras High Court, where a woman who had accused a man of rape wanted to withdraw the charge as the man wanted to marry her. The court obviously did not accept her plea.
Women by nature are soft and whether in America or India the psychology is same. There are so many cases of women loving their abductors even in the west. The famous books on  Angelique  Series by Sergeanne Golan lucidly elucidate this point, where Angelique starts loving her abductors.
I feel if abduction is dictated by love, and then there is every chance that a woman will love back, but violence and force can leave a woman scarred for life. Islam, in particular has a lot of abductions, but nothing is done about them