Tuesday, December 2, 2014

America and its Troubled Soul: Racism has Not Gone away

There was a time when the KKK and other white supremist organizations routinely hanged Negroes. Some timse this degenerated into a great entertainment and special shows were organized. The black man also worked as a slave and the black women slept with the white owners while the men were in many cases chained at night. Has anything changed? Yes, slavery is abolished and the black man given the right to vote. But there is a big but. The mindset of the white man has not changed, at least for many of them. For them the Afro-American is still a menial or sub-human who does not deserve a better treatment. I can see no other reason for the police to shoot dead an unarmed negro and in another case a young 12 year old boy brandishing a toy pistol. These killings show that the mindset of the white as articulated by the predominenet white police force has not changed. Slavery may have gone, but the the thinking that blacks are sub humans has not gone. This has created a vicious circle. Opportunities for the black are limited and thus the black man is more prone to crime. No wonder 60% of all prisoners are black. America has not exorcised the ghost of slaavery and the recent killings show that the white man has as yet not accepted the Black as his equal.