Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can Modi imbibe Mao's quote"Political Power comes out of the Barrell of a Gun"?

When will Modi Learn Mao's Dictum" Power comes out of the Barrell of a Gun" ?
Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. Before I add anything further it must be remembered that successive Indian leaders from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru failed to reaize the geo-political forces in the world heralded by Military power and surrendered the leadership of Asia to China. They made the nation Pakistan centric and reduced the importance of India as a world power. The ills of 60 years cannot be set aside in a day, but now Modi has to make a start and understand that there is no substitute to military power for the nation to play a geo-political role. It has not heldped down the decades the the Chiefs of the Indian army have been men of straw who have bowed double to their poltical masters with the result that a sense of alienation is coming in the rank and file of the army and allied services.

Maoi has come on a wave, but waves ebb also and recede and Modi has a lot to do to restore Indian prestige. He must first realize that Mao tse Tung was a great thinker and one of his quotes that 'Power comes out of the Barrell of a gun" is proved true many times over. Nehru and his ilk committed a cardinal blunder in thinking the military was a relic of the Raj and must be isolated and kept down. It was a foolish approach and he paid with his reputation and died a broken man, humiliated in the world with the slap by China. He also committed blunders in Kashmir, when with a military victory on the cards he called of the operations and approached the United Nations.

Has Modi learn't the lessons of history? It appears he is following the Nehruvian agenda again. There is no thought of military parity with China. He again has treated the armed forces in a scurvy fashion. He has failed to sanction a pet and legitimate demand of soldiers for One Rank One Pension(OROP) and has played to the gallery ( read Muslim sentiments in Kashmir) by condemning the Indian army troops for some killings in Kashmir which s nothing but collateral damage. Which leader in the world talks like this and shows that Modi has little knowledge of the army as an instrument of power and position in the world. he must read Mao , otherwise he may well end up as another Nehru.