Sunday, December 21, 2014

Obama establishes diplomatic relations with cuba; a great step

In 1959 a band of young revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro overthrew the US puppet Batista and established a communist regime. Castro nationalized all industry which was mostly American owned without any compensation. This was the start of a period of intense hostility as the US tried every trick in the book to over throw Castro. Despite an invasion (1961-Bay of Pigs) and at least 12 assassination attempts by CIA, Castro survived.

 Now 53 years down the line Obama has realized that the embargo against Cuba has failed and it’s better to mend fences with Cuba. Roul Castro the younger brother of Fidel and president has warmly held the hand of friendship offered by Obama. This is a revolutionary step as Obama at one stroke has washed away 53 years of hostility.

 Frankly this step should have been taken a long back, but Obama by this courageous act has exorcised the ghost of American imperialism. Castro will be grateful as well, as Cuba can move forward and develop. The benefit will be for the Cuban people and who knows Cuba may be back in the American fold. Obama deserves credit for this act and despite some opposition from the senate; the step by Obama has enhanced his prestige in American history.