Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Essence of Tantra: Path to God

Hinduism is an ocean and has outlined 4 paths to achieve salvation or Moksha. These are namely study and knowledge, Prayer and mediation, Austerities and Sex. The last part is Tantra sex and is a distinct part of Hinduism. Tantra sex is thousands of years old and its origin is clouded in the sands of time. Tantra sex means getting into the sex act where orgasm is not the goal but a milestone on the road to salvation. For this to take effect an experienced guru is a requirement. Tantra sex is elevating and extremely relaxing. Western thinkers have now concluded that Tantra sex does have many benefits.
Tantra sex is a slow process where the lovers keep their mind on god and slowly go about their act as a religious ritual. Advanced practitioners of Tantra sex can learn about their past births and also develop ESP. It is an ancient field but is understood only now. In tantra no contraceptives are used and the room is filled with incense. It is a slow process where the man must bring the woman to his level of awareness. For this the use of tongue, lips, teeth and massage is essential. A man must in a way worship the woman. He has to be the initiator and the master. The aim is to prolong the sex act sometimes leading to hours.
Orgasm is not the goal at all unlike in western thought. In addition Tantra sex can also involve more than one woman.