Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Further Comments on the One Rank One Pension for Soldiers

There have been reports of a meeting between the IIESM and the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. From the account available of the meeting held on 9 December 14 ,the delegation felt the RM R( Raksha Mantri) approach was ‘heartening’ and they have opined that the sanction of OROP is around the corner. The meeting went of ‘very well’ and lasted 30 minutes. Fine, but this really does not hold water as the RM was not expected to be anything but civil. However a crucial point was made that at no stage the RM made any commitment of issuing letter for OROP. This is surprising as the OROP was sanctioned by 2 parliaments and all the RM had to do was push the Finance Minister Jaitley and Modi to issue the letter. This unfortunately is not done and at no stage the RM made any commitment to get the letter issued.

It appears the Ex Servicemen’s delegation led by the able Major General Satbir Singh explained the nuances of OROP to the RM. This beats my imagination as the RM is supposed to keep himself abreast of a demand that has been approved by parliament. I wonder what information he needed now, when his only task is to get the letter issued.

There are wheels between wheels and the aim of the government is to lull the ex -servicemen into a sense of complacency. Modi and party are again confusing the ex-servicemen and by corollary the nation. In this light one can see that in the speeches by the Prime Minister during the election campaign has a hollow ring. He is supposed to have expressed regret for the killing of 2 youths who failed to obey the order to stop. Why? Does the Russian President or US President express regret? I am sure Mr. Modi is aware of something called ‘collateral damage’ in a war.

I call it shameful that the senior officers in the ladder also expressed regret for the killing. With such men in charge, who are Corp and Army commanders as well as the Chief himself, is there any wonder that OROP will ever come? I am afraid I am still pessimist that OROP in the ‘Classical ‘mode will be accepted by the BJP government.

 A watered down sanction may come, but then the services are known to accept most things like the COAS General Thapar accepting a letter from a Joint Secretary to evict the Chinese in 1962. I have earlier also written that Modi and the Congress are on the same footing. God save a nation that neglect’s its military might, the army. Has Modi read Mao’s dictum” Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun”?