Saturday, December 27, 2014

10 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Introduction Losing weight is a difficult proposition. In fact it is easy to put on kilos on your body but difficult to shed grams. But one need not despair and there are methods which if followed assiduously can help a person to reduce his weight. But the underlying principle of all these is will power and that will be needed at every stage. Methods to Reduce Weight Some methods for weight reduction are listed below. a) Yoga. This is the ancient Indian art and it can certainly help you to reduce your fat and weight. The essence of yoga is deep breathing and a Spartan life style. This will also involve drinking of at least 4/5 liters of water everyday. Yoga is to be done in the morning, in fact before the sun rises. This will entail your going to bed early and eschewing late nights and binges of drinking and eating. A trained teacher will be needed to guide you through the specific poses (Asana) that are beneficial for reduction of weight. But it will be a good idea to try out the Bhujang Asana (cobra Pose) and the Hal Asana (Plough pose). The poses must be held for a minute and then the time period can be increased. When your body becomes supple you can add other poses. When practiced over a length of time a significant reduction of weight and fat will take place.
b) Dieting. This is the easiest and yet the most difficult way to reduce weight. Dieting does not mean starving but to cut down your calorie intake significantly. This will entail eating boiled and grilled foods and meats and abstain from alcohol and cold drinks like colas. You will in addition have to drink plenty of water. In fact drinking water is almost common to all methods of weight reduction. c) Jogging. In case you are fit and do not suffer any ailment then this is one of the simpler and enjoyable methods to lose weight. You will need a good pair of running shoes and shorts and proper clothing depending on the weather and climate where you stay. Jogging will entail doing a slow run for at least 4/5 kilometers every day. Gradually increase the distance to 7/8 km. In case you feel tired there is no harm in a break and sitting on a ledge. Carry a bottle of glucose and water with you and sip it at regular intervals during your jaunt. Jogging will tone up your body and the metabolism in your body will be attuned to physical fitness. But along with jogging a control over your diet will be essential. Keep to boiled and grilled foods only.
d) Special Food diet. This is a unique method to reduce weight and involves eating only plantations (bananas) and drinking water every day. Mind you in case you follow this diet and restrict you’re self to eating only plantations and drinking water the weight will start to come down. Also do plenty of walking and you can successfully reduce your fat? e) Exercise. This is the conventional way to reduce weight. But make it a point not to over exercise as after it you will feel hungry and tend to eat more. Do moderate exercise and eat less of food. Supplement with glucose and water. Avoid heavy exercise like weight training. Concentrate on walking on the treadmill and doing free hand exercises. f) Skipping. In case you are fit, skipping is one of the methods to burn the extra calories very fast. But your knees must be strong as you will have to skip at least for 20-25 minutes. Take rests in between and keep a bottle of water with glucose handy as a supplement. Skipping is an excellent method to lose weight. Couple it with a diet of fruits and non fried foods. Again drink plenty of water as water has a property of stopping the hunger in the body. But drink water with glucose.
g) Water Therapy and Milk. This is one of the Ayurvedic methods of reducing weight. It will involve a lot of will power. Otherwise the therapy is simple. Drink water all day and in between supplement with a glass of skimmed milk. Do only moderate exercise and follow this for 2 weeks. You will find a significant reduction in your body weight at the end of the 2 week period. h) Change in life style. This can have an effect in your body weight. In case you are a busy man then start by stopping use of the lift or the escalator. Use the stair case always. Secondly try and walk to the parking lot and at every opportunity use your legs. Even in your office you can do on the spot running for a minute or two and then gat back to your desk. Repeat at least 4/5 times in the day. Drink plenty of water and concentrate on vegetables and eschew junk food like burgers and pizzas completely. Give up alcohol and beers as well. You will again observe a significant reduction in weight and fat.
i) Playing Games. This is a pleasurable method to reduce weight. Among the recommended games are tennis, badminton, volleyball and base ball. These games will burn up enough calories. Keep replenishing yourself with water and glucose. But with these a diet control will also have to be followed.
j) Join a Kerala SPA. These SPA’s make use of ancient Indian methods to treat obesity. You can enroll for a 3 week or a month’s course. The Kerala spa will make use of ancient herbs and oils and a life style that will be enforced in the spa and your weight will be reduced. But after you come out of the SPA you will have to continue the life style you learnt there. Conclusion There is no magic formula to lose weight. It is not something that will disappear overnight, but in case a person follows the regimen listed above there is a 100% chance that he will lose weight and the first results will appear in a week’s time. However the person who wants to reduce his flab must try and avoid the weight losing formulations in the market. They may do more harm than good in the long run. Weight losing is not a big bug bear and all you require is a strong will and determination and the inches on your body will slowly melt away.