Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nuances of Love Outside Marriage

Extra Marital Love
What is an extra-marital affair? In simple language, it is a physical relationship by either spouse with another woman or man outside marriage. It means a relationship with a man or a woman who is not your legal partner. Generally, it is seen that men are more prone to extramarital affairs. Why? This again is rooted in the genes of a man. Throughout history, sociologists have come to the conclusion that man is by nature polygamous while a woman is by nature monogamous. This has its inevitable fallout in an extra-marital love affair. Generally, such love affairs are not platonic in nature and to qualify as an extramarital affair a physical relationship is a requirement. A platonic love affair will not come under the definition of an extra-marital love affair. What if your man is having an extra marital affair? How can you tell? This is a million dollar question and though the answer is simple yet a certain amount of alertness on the part of the wife will go along way in unraveling a knotty problem. Here are some points that will give food for thought
a) Firstly a man is apt to forget simple things which he is told to do by his wife. He may forget to bring the required vegetables or attend to an important issue at home. He may forget to pay the school dues of the son or daughter.

 b) A man will start keeping late hours and be more and more out of the home. He could say there is extra work in his office or he is doing overtime on the directions of his boss. If he is the boss himself he may say that the board of directors has given him some additional tasks to complete. In case this happens over a longer period then it's best to check up from the office. But be discreet, that is the name of the game.

c) The husband will stop going out to dinners and functions with his wife. In case he does go, the frequency would be greatly reduced. The wife would not that the husband is a little aloof during these outings and she wills not that the man wants to 'get it over' and head back quickly.

d) A husband instead of attending to small jobs in the house on Sundays and holidays will make some excuse of an 'important meeting' or something else and go away. This is a sure sign that something fishy is on.
e) Lastly, the husband would not be performing his marital duty in bed and would fall asleep soon with the refrain ' I am tired'. Thus, sex would not be there. When this happens the alarm bells must ring in the wife's head. A woman or wife can also have a marital love affair. But as women are more emotional and sensitive the extramarital love affair is likely to deeply affect the wife's psyche. Unlike men who can mask their emotions and love 2 women at the same time, a woman is unable to do that. She is likely to become neurotic and tense and that could adversely affect her temper and attitude.