Monday, December 1, 2014

Dreaming of a Russian girl ? Anastasia Web is Your Cup of Tea

The Dream
One of the dreams of a man is to have a lovely, fair and auburn or golden hair girl as a friend and date. Another desire of man is to savor a relationship with an exotic woman, someone who is far away and creates an aura of mystery. Anastasia web caters to this desire. It shows the door to exotic women from Russia and periphery countries like Ukraine and the Baltic states.

 Russia for long was under Communism and as Sir Winston Churchill called it ‘Iron Curtain’. At that time it was very difficult to date Russian women. This was a period when an aura was built up around Russian girls and women. It is human nature to look for something inaccessible and Russian women behind the Iron Curtain were greatly desired. The collapse of communism opened the way to Russian women as dates and friends and even marriage. Anastasia web panders to this taste of the American and Canadian men for Russian women. The site is a family run business that is committed to providing great value and service to its clients all over the world. The site is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents and the Central & Eastern Europe Travel Board, The site is owned by David and Elena Besuden who met in 1992.
Any prudent man will have questions about the site and these are addressed in succeeding paragraphs. Anastasia Web has been in existence since 1993. The site is a fast letter based international dating service, featuring beautiful women from Russia and the Ukraine.

 Its products can be listed below
a) The site primarily caters to men from USA, Canada and Western Europe and opens a door to friendship and dating Russian and CIS states women.
 b) Anastasia has a sister site at for Russian and CIS women. It has over 60,000 men profiles.\
c) The site profiles women who are all verified. d) organizes romance tours for its members to Russia and the CIS countries.

These tours give you a chance to meet your date in flesh and blood. These tours are organized frequently on a regular basis.
e) The site has over 150000 girls and women from Russia and the CIS countries as its members. As most of the girls know very little English the site has translation services that are a great hit.
f) The site is for Adults and operated by Anastasia International, Inc. You must be over 18 to become a member of the site.
g) Membership is free and one can easily become a member of the site at the click of a mouse. But further services are to be paid for and will cost money. This is done by purchasing credits.
 h) Anastasia web will also help you rent apartments for your use in Russia, where you can stay with your Russian date or girlfriend. What are the sites return policies

Anastasia is a site that tries hard not to be labeled a scam site. But generally credits purchased are not refunded back. However if you have booked a romance tour and want to reschedule it the site will let you do the same. The site arranges for introductions to Russian and CIS girls to its members from all over the world. The main office address in USA is 40 High St Suite #1 Bangor, ME, 04401 USA
Last Word is a premier dating and marriage site that showcases women from Russia and the CIS countries. It is a site that can be accessed all over the world though the site basically panders to US and West European men. The site has videos but these are available only to members who buy credits. The site has excellent phone and translation services and one has a chance to meet to beautiful Russian girls for love, dating and marriage.
 The site arranges excellent romance tours which are a great success. There have been a few cases of prostitutes becoming members of the site, but the chance that you will meet a nice Russian girl is high. The site caters to an exotic dream of a Western man for a Russian girl as a date and even as a wife.