Friday, December 5, 2014

The Maybach Car, Hitler and German technology

At the end of World War I the treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919. This treaty imposed sanctions on Germany and also dictated that every Zeppelin in existence be transferred to the Allied forces and called for Germany to cease production of the airships. The Zeppelin was powered by an engine manufactured by Maybach. Unable to find a use for his engine Maybach used the Zeppelin engine in his May Bach v12 car. The Debut of the V12
It must first of all be mentioned that only six cars of this particular variant of the Maybach were ever built. This car was a massive machine and was not for every day drives in the city, but something to be used for ceremonial occasions, like inspecting a military guard of honor or for a visiting head of state. This particular model of the Maybach was powered by an engine with 12 cylinders and was referred to as the V12 car. The Maybach Zeppelin was the top Maybach model from 1928 to 1934; it was an enormous luxury vehicle which weighed approximately 6600 lb.
The Car This particular model of the car which was presented by Hitler was cream colored with contrasting maroon colored upholstery. The boot of the car once opened revealed two jump seats for the retainers. The front seated the driver and one passenger, while the rear seat could seat 3 adults in sublime comfort. The car was a veritable monster and gave a mileage of three miles to a gallon of petrol. The engine of this car had 12 cylinders along with some unique innovations. Firstly, it had a massive bonnet that required two men to lift it. Secondly it had what is termed as a “hot” cylinder. Thus, when a driver was cranking the car and the 12 huge cylinders, the amount of current required would drain a normal battery, so the manufacturers had installed a series of batteries. These batteries used to crank up once the engine started.
Last Word The Maybach V12 was presented by Hitler to 3 personages in Africa and India. It was part of his diplomacy, but the car is a legend and one can savor the delight of a bygone age when this car was used to further German interests