Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Village panchayats ( Khaps) in North India are Giving Bizarre Verdicts laced with Sex

The Panchayat Raj is in effect grassroot democracy and means that in a village an elected body called the panchayat which consists of 5 members administers the village. The Panchayat also decided on matters of dispute and personal law. The panchayat in the state of Harayana are caled Khaps and these are castiest in character.
The Khaps have taken the law into their hand and many of their rulings run contrary to the Indian criminal law and principles of jurisprudence. But all the same the Khaps are obeyed and nobody opposes them. They thus pass judgements that have to to accepted. An example of the khap judgements is an eye opener. In a recent case a young wife eloped with another married man who was her neighbour. The agrieved husband appoached the Khap for redressel. He wanted his wife back, but the Khap decreed that as his wife had run away ( eloped) he would have to marry the wife of the man who had seduced his wife. They also made it amply clear that a superficial relationship would not be accepted and the man must impregnate the lady within 3 months. Well? I wonder how the duo felt when the man approached the wife of the man who had seduced his wife an dremoved her sari. Did he feel happiness? elation? or a defeat ? I can't say but the lady concieved and seemed happy.
In another case a young man eloped with the girl next door. The Khap ruling was simple and sweet. They directed the brother of the girl who had eloped to immediately marry the sister of the boy who had run away. In this case the young man was thrilled and he made haste to marry the sister of his sisters lover within 15 minutes. Well that is life.!