Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Attack on the Army Public Schoolat Peshawar is a Self -Inflicted Injury by Pakistan

The news coming from Pakistan is heart rending. A school catering mainly to children of military personnel was attacked by the Pakistan Taliban and as per the last reports more than 126 children have been killed. The news tells us that there were 6 dare devil Mujahaddin from the Taliban who attacked the school and have now been eliminated by crack troops of the Pakistan army. This is not good news as it would have been better to capture at least one or two of them to glean information about the further attacks planned.
Much as we sympathize with the parents of the young children killed by a brutal opponent, the fact is that the Pakistan official policy of running with the hound and hunting the hare has been one of the causes of this tragedy. Pakistan set up training camps for terrorists and the military and political establishment thought that these terrorists trained at these camps would bring India down to its knees. The previous army chief General Kayani felt the Taliban gave Pakistan a strategic depth in defence. One can't imagine how divorced from reality was this concepts of the Pakistan army and it's army chief. It was but natural that some of these terror groups would turn on the Pakistan state itself and seize political power to establish their own dream of Islamic caliphate based solely on the Sharia.
This has now happened and the protege has turned against its own mentor. The seeds of the rise of the Taliban lie in the attitude of the Pakistan military and political establishment. They treated the extremists with soft gloves and hoped that they would himble India. Exactly the opposte has happend as the Pakistan Taliban has done the unthinkable: opened a frontier which was earlier considered taboo. I wonder if this attack will bring any realization to the military and political establishment, that no group of terror can be controlled and there is nothing like good and bad terrorism