Friday, June 19, 2015

Horoscope of Narendra Modi by my Friend Steve Kinsmen: Indicates Rise and then Fall from Power

First, a disclaimer

As an American, I must frankly admit I know next to nothing about India's prime minister,Narendra Modi, which is probably for the best because it will mean that any personal opinions I might have of the man do not exist and thus will not get in the way of my interpretation of his horoscope.

Narendra Modi's Horoscope

Narendra Modi was born September 17, 1950 in Mehsana, India at 11 AM. I am always suspicious of on-the-hour birth times, since I get such a disproportionate number of them, but this horoscope does, in fact, represent an individual destined to rise to a position of great influence and authority within the world of affairs, since four planets, including his Sun, are housed in the tenth house, which governs the "public sphere" of one's life. Thus the 11 AM birth time is probably accurate to at least within a few minutes.

Mars rests precisely on Modi's ascendant or rising sun, which fuels him with an inexhaustible amount of drive and energy, not to mention an inordinate amount of unbridled ambition.

Pluto is the ruling planet of his horoscope, since it is the ruler of his Scorpio ascendant. The fact that it resides in the ninth house, coupled with the Moon's position in the ninth sign (Sagittarius), suggests he is a man whose agenda and actions arise out of deeply held personal convictions and beliefs (ninth house, Sagittarius).

Jupiter's placement almost exactly on the cusp of the fourth house (home, family, background) suggests that the environment he grew up in was supportive, and its position in Aquarius would suggest he was allowed a great deal of freedom to do pretty much as he pleased during his formative years. Moreover, because the fourth house cusp, the "nadir" of the chart, represents the deepest psychological roots of one's being, Jupiter's placement there is an indication that he is an extremely emotionally secure individual.

With both the Sun and Saturn conjoined in his tenth house and Leo on its cusp, Modi was destined from birth to rise to a position of great leadership. Venus in the tenth shows that he can take advantage of personal popularity and likeability to further his goals. That Saturn forms conjunctions to both his Sun and Mercury, and their sextile (60 degrees) aspect to Mars, indicate he measures things very carefully before taking action. With Mercury conjunct Saturn, he also weighs his words carefully before speaking them.

Noticeably absent from Modi's horoscope are squares or oppositions between planets. There is only one planetary square, between Mars and Jupiter, and that particular aspect is the exception to the rule that squares mean struggle and difficulty. A Mars-Jupiter square reveals enthusiasm and the willingness to take calculated risks which more often than not pay off. This lack of oppositions and squares indicate that he faces far fewer obstacles than most of us face in trying to accomplish our ends. We might ask, then, that when the going gets rough for Modi, will he demonstrate what it takes to overcome the obstacles facing him?

Modi is certainly no radical. With Saturn so prominent in his tenth house and so closely conjunct his Sun, it seems to this observer that he will be a force for upholding the status quo. My guess is that he will promote the interests of the corporate agenda ahead of any far-reaching reforms that might get in the way of or challenge corporate interests. His will be a very business-friendly administration.

In terms of what is in store for Modi, his rising to power just now is interesting in light of the fact that Saturn will cross his ascendant in November. This suggests a difficult path for him in 2015. When Saturn crosses the ascendant and enters a person's first house, that is generally a time when one's influence in the outer world wanes. One is generally left "standing alone." Moreover, although a natal tenth house Saturn indicates a rise to considerable power in the outer world, it more correctly suggests a rise to power and then a fall from power. For that reason, astrologers refer to Saturn in the tenth house as the "Napoleonic Saturn," because Napoleon had it, and we all know what happened to him.