Saturday, June 6, 2015

Does the Garden of Eden have a Location

the Garden of Eden was a paradise. Many scholars have tried to identify where it could be located
 The Garden of Eden is the beginning of Christian thought. It was an idyllic paradise that was extremely beautiful. When God created Adam and Eve, he allowed them to live in this idyll place.  This is described in the Book of the genesis as the place where Adam and eve lived. As per Christian mythology the archangel Ariel with a flaming sword is the guardian of this paradise. The Legend as recounted is well known.
God had asked Adam and Eve not to partake of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Eve was enticed by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit and once she ate it she learnt what is sin and shame. She enticed Adam also to eat it. When God learnt of this he banished the two from Eden.
The Book of genesis does not mention a physical location of this Garden of Eden, but it alludes to certain rivers and locations with physical features. This has led researchers to try and pinpoint the location of this Idyll garden.
The Biblical narration alludes to 4 rivers. The rivers alluded to are the Pishon, Gihon, The Tigris and the Euphrates. The Tigris and Euphrates flow in modern Iraq while the other two rivers are not known. There is thus a possibility that this Garden was located  at a place referred to as  Dilmun. Some theorists surmise that this could be modern Bahrain.
The genesis also alludes to 3 regions along with the 4 rivers. The regions are  Havilah, Assyria and Kush. Havilah is thought of being the sea coast of  Arabia facing the Persian Gulf. Satellite images show that about 4000 BC a river  did flow into the Persian Gulf in an area known as Ramah and Wadi Batin. Some scientists have opined that these names are all remnants of a linguist script of the Pre-Sumerian people.
Another group of scientists and researchers surmise that the Garden of Eden could be located at Tabriz (Iran). Many people have cited the names mentioned in the Book of genesis as approximating to this land. But all this is a matter of conjecture.  Another thought is that the Garden of Eden could be located at Adams Peak in Sri Lanka.  Four rivers emanate from this point and at the summit there is a large print which is supposed to be the footprint of Adam.
There are many more conjectures but I feel the reference to two present day rivers could possibly allude to an area close to Iran and Iraq in the middle