Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Burkha, Arab WOMEN and the Swimming Pool

I have been intrigued by some actions of the women in the United Arab Emeritus. Probably it has something to do with the strict enforcement of the Burkha. The Burkha is a long robe worn over a conventional dress. It’s also called the Hijab or Chaddar and is usually black in color.
Arab women who are from well to do  families and can afford to stay at a 5 star resort do want to swim. They will usually wear a bikini or a conventional swim suit and jump into a pool wearing a Burkha. The Burkha has however its own rules and once the girls jump in the water the Burkha will float up and the girls don’t mind men looking at them in the bikini or swim wear they are wearing underneath. Maybe they like it and helps them break the monotony of their lives. The pool is one place where perhaps they can live their fanatsy, otherwise it would be a dreary life.
I have been to so many 5 star pools and observed the Arab women in Burkha in the pool. One may take it that I am a voyeur. I really don’t know but there are many like me. There is always a desire to eat the forbidden fruit and the desire to see the legs of an Arab Muslim girl gives a thrill. All I will add is that Arab women have lovely legs. It’s a pity they have to keep them covered. Well this is the way some Arab girls can circumvent the burkha