Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Rank One Pension requires a Concerted Push' The Road Ahead is Hard and Thorny

On 14 June 2015 close to 8000 retired servicemen descended on New Delhi at Jantar Mantar in a bid to highlight their grievances on non implementation of the BJP and Modi government to sanction  OROP. This is very sad that men who faced the bullets for the nation are today begging for their dues. This just about shows the callous attitude of the powers that be in the name of Narendra Modi and the BJP. What is surprising is that the RSS, self styled champions of Hindutva and India are absolutely silent on this aspect of the soldiers demand.

The ex soldiers have highlighted their  grievances and signed a petition with their blood to the Prime Minister that OROP be approved, but the BJP government has not reacted at all and that is a fact. It is silent as the Sphinx and that shows the leadership led by Narendra Modi has some devious and cunning plans up its sleeve. Isn't this sad friends and readers ?

Th agitation has reached its highest point after 40 years and  now a relay hunger strike is to start against the government. This government led by Narendra Modi has no shame as it watches veterans as old as 70-80- 90  agitating and sitting in Dharna and fasting for a legitimate due. This after this man Narendra Modi had shouted from roof tops that OROP will be approved. Nobody was after him with a gun to say such things, but he said it and repeatedly promised that once in power he will approve OROP.

There are wheels between wheels in this BJP government and I think 2 men who are not happy with Modi and want to undermine him are namely  Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh. Both are small men and have little vision of history and greatness and are involved in petty politics. The pity is that Modi who talks of " ache din" is tacitly following these men , not realizing the damage they are doing to his reputation.

The question arises as to what next.? I had repeatedly written that OROP will not come months and years back . Some  ex servicemen leaders thought I was talking out of my hat. I however know the mindset of the BJP , after all Atal Bihari Vajpayee also ruled for 6 years and did nothing. Modi is no different and he also will go in the waste bin of history.

To get OROP, hunger strikes are not enough. The 3 service chiefs must face an agitation. It's about time the  Ex servicemen realized  the weak link in the chain are the 3 service chiefs led by the COAS. Also culpable are the legion of army generals and officers like VK Singh and Rajyavardhan  who are are in fact black sheep. Their double speak and fear of the position they hold slipping from their grasp is resulting in their sitting on the fence. These men must be gheraoed and asked why are they silent?

The COAS must be asked as to what he is doing? His words have no  sanctity at all as his promise of OROP to ex-servicemen at a rally has come a cropper. The servicemen  must sit outside his house and  make this man realize that he is a man of straw. I am sure the only way OROP will come is when the top brass of the military serve an ultimatum to Modi and the small men like Jaitley that surround him. There is no choice but now to press on with the agitation as suspending it now will give Modi great satisfaction.
 The army Chief if he has any guts must resign. Can he do it ? Not likely as this man has put himself in a bind and perhaps he is looking for a governors appointment after he dons the civvies..

For us we have no choice but agitate even harder . There is no other option. I have a suggestion meeting the RSS chief and Rahul Gandhi may put some pressure on Modi. What a turncoat this man is. In fables we read about  a charlatan in disguise, perhaps Modi is one. I only hope that Modi pulls himself and makes his place in history. He acts with guts and approves OROP and also throws out ministers like Sushma Swaraj who hobnob with wheeler dealers. Not forgetting small men like Jaitley who are undermining him. Is he up to it?