Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Narendra Modi must lose in Bihar: it is the need of the Hour

Narendra Modi came to power on an anti Congress vote and also on the basis of certain promises. He promised " Ache Din" meaning Good Days ahead and thus created an illusion for the hungry people of India, fed up with corruption and a directionless policy as exemplified by Man Mohan Singh. Modi promised everything and his manifesto makes wonderful to read.  His victory was also due to his glossy make up as a magician who  promised everything and lead India from the dark night to the rising sun.

The people believed in Modi, but as  Bacon wrote " Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". The Modi who had won the election now wanted to cling to it like a child not leaving the bottle. His manifesto was buried under tonnes of stones, which have now become difficult to lift. I wonder if he remembers his promises and manifesto. Does he remember all the promises he made? Nobody was  holding a gun at his temple when he made all those promises from the roof top.  Modi in fact in many ways proved himself a small man by not honoring his words.

lets see a  few of his promises
> Abrogation of Article 370 and integration of kashmir  with India He has ended up by supporting a CM who is openly pro Pakistan. Modi's game is simple" let me have power, India be dammed"
> Uniform civil code
> War on corruption. Unfortunately his own foreign minister is involved with a man who is a declared economic offences offender and a money launderer.
> One Rank One pension. The poor soldiers are now signing in blood a petition to him for their due and Modi is sitting back and talking inane  things like " complex problem" "stake holders" and what not
>  Compete negation of his promise to bring back black money. Not a rupee has come back and yet this man talks of " Coal scam  " "2G scam" and what not. What did he do about them any way.

Modi has seriously compromised himself. He also has a cabinet minister who is accused of rape and another has a forged degree.  Another minister is hobnobbing with a criminal scamster and a chief Minister ( Rajasthan) is involved in helping a man who has swindled billions and is hiding in the UK courtesy Modi.

What Is the solution?  We look to Nitesh Kumar to give a  resounding slap to this man who shouted his manifesto from rooftops and now has conveniently forgotten it. He MUST BE DEFEATED IN BIHAR. At least he will learn that making pointless promises always makes the bell toll and that includes him