Friday, June 12, 2015

The Aam Admi Party and Kejriwal are big Shams

One is pained to see the happenings of the past few days. The AAP headed by Kejriwal has put itself in a bind and is championing all the wrong cases. One had only to see Asutosh of the AAP on Times channel defending Mr Tomar the law minister who is accused of forging degrees to realize that how far the party has come from the old days when its zeal for anti corruption fired an entire generation.

To add to the stigma of the law minster with  a forged degree, there is the case of Somnath Bharti  another prominent face of the AAP being hauled up for torturing his wife and there are reports he set his  dog on her. The woman has filed a case before the women's commission and I hope something comes of it.

These incidents show that Kejriwal's talk of a crusade against corruption and a clean life in politics is just a sham.  When the Law minister was being arrested, the AAP was shouting from the roof that this was a case to topple the government. How silly ! instead of investigating a charge of forgery and cheating , here is a man  like Kejriwal crying wolf. This proves that he is not the man who can lead India forward. One had a glimpse of his mentality when he  expelled 2 stalwarts of the AAP who were the founders of the party in the like of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.  When all this sordid drama was being enacted, Arvind kejriwal was ensconced in a luxury health resort in Bangalore.

Kejriwal is a man of straw. He does not realize that there is no shortcut to power. His dream of being Prime Minister will not bear fruit with such actions. In any case his party in the last general election lost over Rs 2 crore as deposit money as his candidates failed to win anywhere and even polled votes below the minimum , making them forfeit their deposits. I do hope this will remain in the memory of Kejriwal.

What next? Kejriwal was given a mandate to govern by the people of Delhi. he has squandered a golden opportunity by getting bogged down in inane and pointless squabbles and also supporting men of doubtful character. Is this teh reason the delhi public voted for Kejriwal? Surely he must remember that in an election the electorate is supreme and he will have to answer at the next hustings. But there is a chance that Kejriwal who has 5 years to go  may well  make his pile and vanish and try to fool the masses again by some glib slogan.

I am now convinced that Kejriwal is bad for democracy and bad for India , its about time this upstart was shown his place. Maybe he may like to have a cup of tea with men like Somnath Bharti and Tomar and do some backslapping and then shout that there is a conspiracy up the sleeve of Modi. Lastly Kejriwal as a crusader against corruption? I will die laughing on a bed of nails at this suggestion.