Tuesday, June 23, 2015

RSS is a Party supporting Corruption

The Rashtra  Swayan Sevak Sangh is a cultural organisation that had,  one thought a one point agenda to better the nation. I always thought that this is one organisation that had the interests of India in its heart. They claimed that they were  for India that would mirror Ram Rajya , an India where there was no corruption and nepotism. The reference of Ram Rajya was to the idealistic rule during the time of God Ram.
Unfortunately a realisation has dawned that the RSS is an organisation that is exactly the opposite of what it claimed. It is a party that supports corruption in all its manifestations.  This must be a cultural shock to millions, but I am glad the mask has slipped from its face. we now know that all along the RSS was something else in sheep's clothing. How come this realisation has dawned on millions?
The RSS by supporting a foreign minister who is hobnobbing with a known evader of law and hiding in London has exposed itself. Its shocking that it supports Sushma Swaraj and also the Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who also is hobnobbing with Lalit Modi, wheeler dealer and swindler, hiding in a London suburb.
The only sane voice in this entire sordid drama is NK Singh, a BJP member of parliament and former foreign secretary who has condemned the actions of these two ladies. Surprising the man Modi with all his chest thumping against the likes of Robert Vadra is almost a pussycat, not even meowing once.
The RSS has proved that it is a biased organisation . Talking of it being a cultural organisation wanting to cleanse public life is all hog wash.  It is a party that has feet of clay and all it believes is pretence. Its so sad. By supporting Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara  Raje the RSS has allowed the cat to slip out of its bag. I sincerely wish Mohan Bhagwat has the courage and calls a spade a spade. Can he not direct Modi to dismiss the duo? It will be an act of courage if he does so, but if he hides behind cliches, it will prove what I have written earlier. Is he up to being a great nationalist?