Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dating Black Women from Africa

Africabeauties.conm is an international dating site that helps a man from America or the West to search for black woman friends as a live in partner, a date or marriage. It is an American company and works according to the American legal system though it operates from Cyprus. The site has profiles of hundreds of black girls from Africa which can be scanned for a selection. is a dating site that introduces a man to exotic women from the continent of Africa. Africa beauty  is in fact the largest black women dating site with the largest no of black women/African from all over the world and thus the chance of your finding a match for yourself are better.  The site has hundreds of beautiful girls with their photographs and bio data as well as contact nos for a member to choose and follow up.  Video profiles are also available and a man can hope for a date  witha girl from Accra or Nairobi.
The  site has a "Date a Lady" program, which  means writing 5 letters to a lady .Once she replied and the exchange of letters is complete, you may proceed further
Basic membership is free while the premium membership has a price tag.  This involves buying credit coupons that can be encashed for services rendered. However there is no refund on unused credits. There is also no trial period and one has to be clear about these matters while joining the site.
This website is a premier dating site and cannot cater to the vagaries of human emotion. The website and services are provided on an “as is” basis.  The site provides no warranties of any kind express, implied or statutory.
 One can easily become a member by filling up a form on the net. You can also browse the data of girls free. Video profiles of girls are also available.  The basic aim of the site is to encourage members to have a longer association.
The overall customer feed back of the site is good.  Generally is considered as the no 1 site in its genre for dating, friendship and a longer liaison like marriage.  It is popular and there are many success storys of relationships between black women and men from the States