Friday, June 19, 2015

OROP Movement is not on Right Track

I have been receiving mails from the ESI about the  agitation. A relay hunger strike has commenced , but what is the result ? Not a single BJP  leader of any standing has appeared at the venue of the hunger strikers and worse the retired ex soldiers , now with the BJP like General VK Singh and Gen Khanduri have conspicuously avoided the venue.  It shows the BJP led by Modi is in no mood to approve OROP. This is the hard reality and despite sounding negative, I must state that this relay fast may achieve nothing.

In the email received by me, it is stated that the movement is apolitical and as such the former MOS Jitendra  Singh and Congress leader Captain Amrinder Singh who wanted to join the hunger strikers were turned away. Nothing could be more sillier than this. The need of the hour is to garner political support and talking that the movement is apolitical is all hogwash.  It was wrong to turn away the Congress leaders. I wonder if one goes by logic than Captain Amrinder Singh is a military veteran and had every right to be there.

Sometimes it appears to me that the leaders of the movement are just trying to ingratiate themselves with the ruling party and hope that their demand will be met. They feel that  BJP will accept the demand with a hunger strike. I am afraid this is fallacious thinking and hoping the Modi government will approve OROP  on this fast or  by these relay fasts and petition signed with blood is not likely. In fact nothing much has happened or will happen. The need of the hour is to build up Political support. Why even approaching the RSS  should be top priority.

Lastly I have stated a hundred times that till the army chief  puts pressure on the government OROP may never come in the classical sense. Who is talking go the COAS? I hope somebody is doing it. To my mind the approach of appealing to the Modi government is not going to lead anywhere. Lastly the army chief must act. In case he raises his hands and does nothing, then OROP may never see light of day. The movement must also garner political support and the RSS. There is no other way.