Saturday, June 20, 2015

Modi Condones Impropriety and Corruption: Where Sir, is Chest thumping Gone against Nepotism, Impropriety and Corruption ?

Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have burst the Bubble of the BJP

Two ladies  from different backgrounds and holding positions of power in the BJP have made Narendra Modi the prime minister and the BJP shamefaced. Much as the BJP spokesperson like Dr Patra put on an act of bravado in defending  these 2 ladies the fact is that the BJP is shamed. Day  in and day out we learn that these  two ladies have done the unthinkable. They have hobnobbed with an escaped wheeler dealer who is a wanted man and has to face the indian law for  money laundering and swindling. it is sad that these two women have helped this man get a residential permit in the UK and despite being leaders have no compunction in helping  this man.

The ladies one of who is the foreign minister and the other the chief minister of Rajasthan have been courting a wheeler dealer who is a escaped fugitive and money laundered. The man is Lalit Modi against who the enforcement directorate has issued a look out notice. Yet the Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj  has recommended that the British issue   travel documents to this fugitive from law. This man Lalit Modi is hiding in London.
The second lady Vasundhara Raje , the chief minister of rajasthan has allowed her son to accept  crores for his company  from lalit Modi and she also recommended his case to the British government  to give sanctuary to him.

Its a shame that 2 important leaders of the BJP are hobnobbing with a man who has swindled millions and is an escaped criminal to London. Lalit Modi is wanted in India to reply to the many charges against him.

The BJP has come out in defence of the 2 ladies, but the entire  defence and orchestra in their favor is so sad. It shows that the BJP is a party no different from the Congress and maybe worse. It preaches and does not practice.  I wonder what Modi has to say about all this.  Will he talk about this in his " Man ki Baat" or send some tweets.? probably not as he is not a man who can aspire for greatness, but his behaviour is like a small time politician. Where sir, is your bravado and salvos against corruption and nepotism.? I  and the Indian public cant see it.

I must caution you Sir, that your horoscope has Saturn which is the napoleonic house and we all know what happened to Napoleon, a steep rise and then a precipitous fall.  I pray to god that you see reason and distance yourself from both these ladies. As the prime minister you must ACT. Will you sir, on this issue and also OROP which again you had shouted from rooftops as approved and sanctioned act and show that you mean business.