Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Few Thoughts on JP: Man Devoid of Ideas

Justice Katju a retired judge of the Supreme Court had called Jai Prakash Narayan, for whom the Union Government is proposing to set up a Memorial at his birthplace, a buffoon.
 Many people furiously attacked him for saying this, and some people asked clarification for him. I agree with Justice Katju and my reasons are dovetailed with his.
India is facing massive problems of poverty, unemployment, healthcare, malnourishment, etc. Did J.P. have any scientific ideas for solving these problems ? All he proclaimed was ' Sampoorna Kranti ' or ' Total Revolution ' which is so vague an expression that it can mean anything to anybody
 People were fed up of Indira Gandhi  by the mid 1970s, as she had deceived them by her slogan of ' Gharibi hatao ', when in fact after her accession to power gharibi continued in India unabated, and even got worse for most Indians. So they were looking for a messiah, a modern Moses who would lead them into a land of milk and sugar. And they found one in J.P.
  Most people in India are like children who can be easily deceived and taken for a ride by a Pied Piper of Hamelin, or a Hitler, who told the German people that they were 'Herrenvolk' or the Master Race, and that the Jews were responsible for all their ills. They are always seeking a 'Sapnon ka Saudagar' ( seller of dreams ).
 Just as Modi sold the dream of 'vikas' in the May 2014 Lok Sabha elections, and Kejriwal sold the dream of ' imaandari ' in the February 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, so also J.P. had sold the dream of ' Total Revolution ' in the 1970s. And the gullible Indian people readily lapped it up.
 What was there in J.P. ? Only vague ideas of Gandhian socialism, devolution of power to the village panchayats ( which Gandhi and Kejriwal also advocated ), and abolition of corruption ( which Kejriwal's mentor, Anna Hazare, another buffoon, also preached ).
 'Gandhian socialism' means nothing, village panchayats are hotbeds of casteism and centres of corruption, and corruption cannot be removed in India for the next 15-20 years, and whoever says to the contrary is either a demagogue or a charlatan
  Like his guru Gandhi, who Katju has described as a British agent , J.P. was also against a violent revolution. But the truth is that a revolution is never peaceful. As Robespierre, the great leader in the French Revolution of 1789 said in the French National Convention "  Citoyen, voulez vous un revolucion sans revolucion ?" ( Citizens, do you want a revolution without a revolution ?" ).
 J.P. was only a Sapnon ka Saudagar, with no scientific ideas to lead forward