Monday, June 8, 2015

Non Approval of OROP could well be Modi's Waterloo

Narendra Modi is not a young man like Rahul Gandhi and this fact does not seem to rub off on him.  Thus Modi has very little time to make a mark and Rahul who after his sabbath of 59 days is a rejuvenated man and like Muhammed Ali floating like a  butterfly and stinging like a bee. For this Narendra Damodar Modi himself has to blame.

The one most glaring example of his subterfuge and double talk is on the non approval of OROP. When he was not in power he was shouting from roof tops that if voted to power, he would sanction One Rank One Pension. He also got it incorporated in the BJP manifesto and even rajnath Singh the bland Home Minister while out of power was clear that OROP was a priority and once in power it would be like Alibaba and the magic lamp. The magic lamp being power.

Now more than one year has elapsed and Modi and his ilk have not only not sanctioned OROP, but are now looking for ways to dilute the very concept of OROP. He is making vague statements that show that basically he is a small man caught up in the vertex of power. Perhaps he is not aware of solemn promises and manifestos  and all he can think of is his power base.

Modi has let down the man in uniform and in that respect he is worse than Nehru. Does he realize the effect on morale of the army by not sanctioning OROP. Its a fallacy to think that OROP is only for retired men and the serving soldier is not involved. He is not aware of the spirit de corps and also that today's soldiers will be retired tomorrow. There is a strong bond between the two and by not sanctioning OROP he has hit at the roots of the army. But as I have  said Modi is a small man and his finance Minister more like a sheep in a lions skin. These men cannot understand what morale means. Pray, why did Modi make all those promises? Nobody was gunning for him?

The ESIS is now mounting a Maha Sammelan and hunger strike from 14 June. Modi has put himself in the line of fire and he must remember that the bell tolls for all and that includes he and his finance minster. These agitations will show to the world that Modi is a man who makes promises and breaks them. This will perhaps be his Waterloo and nobody should shed any tears if he is swept into the basket of history.