Sunday, June 28, 2015

Modi, the Government and OROP: Probably a Devious Plan is Afoot

I remember reading exciting tales of the detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes as we know is a great detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stock phrase of Sherlock Holmes, when he  latched on to an important lead, he would whisper quietly  "Watson, the game is afoot".

In a similar vein I have a hunch and a nose as well and the fact that Modi has shown his callous nature by ignoring servicemen in the ages of 70-90. sitting in the hot sun and fasting for OROP can lead to only one conclusion that something sinister is being hatched. The game is again afoot. Now more than ever I am clear that Modi is not going to sanction OROP , even if a 100 ex servicemen die fasting,  as he is now swayed by the men around him like Jaitley and Rajnath Singh, not forgetting the civil service. These men have fed something Modi wants to believe that OROP is " complicated' and its effect on the budget will be catastrophic. So the sanction has not come and never will.

What is likely to happen? Modi is a past master at distracting from the core issue and maybe we can have another dose of his " Man ki Baat". The government is likely to procrastinate for another year or so and then hand over this demand to the pay commission. Now the pay commission staffed only by the civil services without a single representative from the military will tow the Modi and government line and come down with a watered down scheme. This is very likely and the question arises that once the government has decided on this course, is there anything that can be done.?

I am afraid the options are limited and as in old days the services will lump it and the Chiefs of staff will stand with the government and not the soldier. I think the time has come for an agitation against the Army Chief,whose dubious role needs to be highlighted.  I use the  word "dubious",for a man sitting  at the helm of a power structure like the army, what does he fear?. He can resign and put pressure on the government. I see no other way, but  in case he wants to just feather his nest and mumble some jargon on nationalism, then god save the country and the army.

I hope ex-servicemen read this post as the intention is to give them mettle and  resolve. I am clear that till the COAS puts his foot down OROP will never come as we all want it and as approved earlier. In addition to an agitation against the COAS, the turncoats sitting in the Government like General VK Singh must be gheraoed.This is  sad, really sad.