Sunday, March 15, 2015

What was the FABIAN SOCIETY in England? an Intro

Not many would have heard of the Fabian society. It was a society set up in 1884 to promote the establishment of a socialist state in Britain, not by revolution but by a gradual process. This society was set up by intellectuals, who believed that all men are born equal and only man has created divisions in society. The Fabian society thus felt that a socialist state by a gradual process in England was the best way forward.Another professed faith of the society was equality for Britain’s colonies. It wanted the colonies to be freed and made part of a great commonwealth with England.

Later the Labor Party drew inspiration from the Fabian Society and was formed in England. . Thus it is not surprising that when Labour was in power, they granted Freedom to India in 1947. Perhaps if the Conservatives had retained power, India would not have been freed.

The society was named after Fabius Maximus a Roman general. Fabius Maximus is remembered as a general who employed special tactics to defeat his opponents.

The Fabian Society has always had a string of intellectuals as its members like George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb. The labour party which was formed in 1906 was set up by members of the Fabian Society. The labour party has for long been espousing the socialist concepts of the Fabian society. The Fabian society is still alive and has over 6000 intellectuals as members, but is no longer a political force