Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life in Tibet under Chinese Rule

What is Life Like in Chinese Occupied Tibet?

In 1950 the PLA( Peoples Liberation Army) attacked Tibet. In a swift campaign that took the world by surprise, the Chinese army conquered Tibet. The Tibetans a peaceful people with hardly a army surrendered. At that time Chine promised autonomy for Tibet and said it would only control defense, Foreign affairs and currency.

They also lulled the Indian Prime Minister JL Nehru with false promises, but in secret they planned a systematic attack on Tibetan culture as they felt it was alien to the communist concepts as enunciated by Marx and Mao.

The next 6 decades have been horrendous for the Tibet people. So acute is the persecution that the spiritual head of Tibet, the Dalai Lama escaped to India. There were reports that he would be murdered. Along with the Dalai Lama some 2 million Tibetans also took asylum in India and a steady stream continues out of Tibet to India.

Life in Tibet is just not bad, but intolerable. Many monasteries have been closed and the Lamas (monks) made to do labor. Many Lamas have immolated themselves to highlight their plight. Tibetan Nuns have been raped frequently and some forced to marry Chinese soldiers as comfort women.  Tibetans are barred from traveling or contacting Indians. Tibetans are expected to learn Chinese and not become Lamas. Buddhist thought is discouraged. It’s a nightmare for the people of Tibet. Will it ever end. ? Yet 2 million Tibetans have escaped to India and the world just watches as teh Chinese trample Tibet and destroy its soul