Sunday, March 8, 2015

What the People Thought of Narendra Modi: Did he live to his Image and Perception ?

Before Election of 2014
Just before the election I was traveling by train ( The Duranto) from Indore to Mumbai. As we had to pass the time and the election fever was on, perforce the discussion turned to politics and the new leader of the BJP , Narendra Modi. I asked a young man who he  liked the most. In a shot he mentioned the name of Narendra Modi. He further added that he had seen Modi at a political rally in Indore and he was struck by the fact that he looked like a lion.

 He further clarified that he gave the impression that he was a lion and the king of the political arena. I was impressed, but later on many youngsters began to associate Narendra Modi with a lion. Perhaps like a lion he supported a lovely mane, in his case a beard. During the election he landed at Amethi in helicopter  for a political speech. Just as the chopper touched down , the massive crowd surged forward shouting "Lion  has come! Lion has come!". There is no doubt that Narendra Modi had caught the imagination of the Indian youth. For the first time there a leader appeared to have burst on the scene, who was born after independence and as  vibed with the younger lot.

The Scene after 11 Months of Election

Eleven months is not a long time , but in those 11 months many have been disillusioned. One aspect of this disenchantment is the crushing defeat in Delhi election, here the BJP won just on 3 seats out of 70. A vast number of ex-servicemen were also left fuming as he failed to approve the One Rank One Pension scheme , which he had propagated from rooftops.

In fact he seems to have compromised on his core philosophy of development. In addition his pet points on Article 370 and common civil code are hardly heard. He by getting into an alliance with the PDF has seriously compromised the image of the BJP. Modi has shown to many that he is not much different from the Congress party , which he replaced.

All is not lost yet and the BJP and Modi can still go forward, but it is a herculean task and not so easy. He will have to be a revolutionary and lead from the front. Let us wait and see.