Friday, March 6, 2015

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely: The Case of Kejriwal of the AAP

The above statement is true and we must credit Bacon for this forthright statement as he read the mind of man in the world. The Aam Admi Party came to power on a plank of clean politics, lack of VIP culture and a corruption free environment. The leader Arvind Kejriwal made the right noises and the people believed him. But a look from the time when he was with Anna should have been the clue that Kejriwal just preached and had little respect for his preaching’s on public life, privileges, corruption etc.

The man broke from Anna and his movement and dreamt to be prime minister of India. I remember seeing a movie “The Man who would be King".  Arvind fits the bill, but he came a cropper as he was routed in the general elections and suffered a personal defat against Modi.

Kejriwal licked his wounds and came back afresh. He re-cast himself as a leader of the Aam Admi (common man) and people believed him. But what they did not see was that he was an egotist and a man who could change colors like a chameleon. He won in Delhi as the people reposed confidence in him and many thought that a fresh wind will blow.

Unfortunately he did something exactly the opposite.  He removed two men who felt were a threat to him (Prashant Bhusan and Yogendra Yadav). He began to hobnob with the Congress the party, which he had earlier claimed was a corrupt force. Moreover he as the Chef Minster forgot all his earlier exhortations on simplicity and living like a common man. On a recent visit to Bangalore he moved around in a motorcade of 12 cars, not the way a Common man's Chief Minister would move. In addition he moved around and not paying any toll charges. What a fall!

One has to just wait and see that Kejriwal is not a man of the common man. He is a wheeler dealer and a man with a lust for power. He is corrupt in that sense and what Bacon says is applicable in Toto to him