Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The FBI and US Police are Not That Efficient

In a seminar at Dubai, a speaker was of the opinion that the police forces of the developing world were riddled with corruption and generally inefficient as they could not stop crime. One will agree to an extent, but I am afraid the US police and the FBI do not look to be very efficient either. Their crime detection rate is also pretty poor.
The numbers of kidnappings in the USA that go undetected are very large. The recent case where a Cuban immigrant kidnapped 3 girls and kept them hostage to his sexual desires is a case in point. The girls were kept in a house for 10 years, pretty close from where they were kidnapped. One wonders about the US law enforcement agencies that could not detect this crime for 10 years and would have perhaps gone undetected for another 10 years in case one of the girls had not escaped and alerted the police.
One wonders how even the FBI which investigates kidnapping, as it is a federal offence failed. What was their missing person’s squad doing all these years? This is not the only case and police records show that dozens of such cases go undetected.
The FBI and the US police also seem to have very poor intelligence as they are unable to anticipate a crime or a planned terror act. The recent Boston bombing is a case in point. The FBI and police could make no headway, till the uncle of the Boston bomber came on the scene and helped crack the case. The FBI is at sea in the USA against home grown terror.
One can say that crime can never be prevented, but once it is committed, detection must follow. It is here the US police and FBI has fallen short of the high standards expected of them. Thus one can conclude the US police and FBI need to improve their crime detection rate as it is pretty poor now.