Saturday, March 14, 2015

Visiting the Al Alain zoo in Abu Dhabi


Zoo's always fascinate the young and old and I thought it a good idea to display some of the photographs that I have taken of the Al Alain zoo in Abu Dhabi. The zoo is about 100 km from the capital and located in what is called the green belt of Abu Dhabi. The soil was imported from Punjab in Pakistan and the trees and shrubbery from the sub continent.
The zoo is one of the finest I have seen and as i stay in the UAE, it is a good idea to introduce the zoo to readers of wikinut. At left is the African lion, the pride of the zoo

The White Tiger

The White Tiger is an exclusive export from India and only about 500 white tigers exist all over the world. The whitetiger is a delight, but it is not as ferocious as the Bengal Tiger and perhaps not as cunning as well. The home of the white tiger is in Rewa in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The white tigers in the Al Alain zoo are healthy and well looked after.


The zoo has lions in their natural habitat. African lions abound, but missing is the great asiatic lion, which is pictured here. The African lions are ferocious , while the great asiatic lion a native habitat of the Gir Forest in Gujarat is comparatively tamer. The lions in the zoo in Abu Dhabi are a delight and there are at least 6 pairs of them

Zebras and Giraffe's

these are tame animals and a real delight. you can get a chance to feed a giraffe for 10 AED. For this amount you get a small packet of carrots and radish and have the pleasure of feeding the giraffe by hand. Vast enclosures keep the giraffes and zebras and are a delight.

Leopards , Cheetahs and smaller cats

these animals are typically from india , though the African leopard is also there. The smaller cats can be vicious as seen in the jungles of India. there are also panthers and Cheetah in the zoo at Al Alain. But the attraction is always the big cats

Amphibious Reptiles

Special enclosures house crocodiles and alligators. The most deadly African crocodile from the Congo is kept in a special enclosure. The crocs are in a deep pit and care must be taken not to fall inside the pit. These are deadly, compared to the alligator.

The Tiger

This beast is the pride of India and the as is known the world home of the tiger is in India. the Bengal Tiger is the most ferocious and cunning of all animals. One can recollect the character Sher Khan the tiger created by Rudyard Kipling in his bookMowgli.

The Al alain zoo has a tiger but not the Bengal Tiger. i hope they will get one soon

Large Mammals

Tip of the list is the African two horned Rhino. The Al Alain zoo has 2 pairs of them and one can see them relaxing in the sand in their enclosure. They are lovely animals and a great attraction. But they do not have the great Indianone horn rhino from assam. The zoo director told me that the bengal Tiger and the Indian rhino will soon be added to their collection.
The hippos are also there, but I like the rhinoceros best.

Last Word

The zoo is wonderfully kept. The entrance fee is 100 AED or about $25.. But it is worth more than that and inside one can travel in a small electric car. Maintaining a zoo in a desert environment is a feat by itself. the zoo has lots of birds and other animals, more on them in another post

All photos are by me.