Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Page From my Past Days: Paintings

The Beginning

Art runs in our family. My uncle was a average plus painter who took to commercial art in Hindi Cinema. But he never made money from his paintings and despite earning alot from films dies almost forgotton and unsung. This had an effect and my old man was dead set on taking up art as a career. I had the gift of painting an dused to pain a lot. My arts teached Mr Paul, loved my work and encouraged me. But it all ended at home and dad said " paint, yes, but make your living from some other profession"

The Sea Painting

I painted this scene when I was in high school. It is made with oils on a canvas which I hot ready myself. I spent if I can remember 3 days to paint it and today it adorns our ( dads) house in Delhi. It has pride of place in the drawing room and many a visitor over the years have complimented the work.

Painting Further

When I was in college , my parents attended a fancy dress competittion. I saw the photo and asked my dad whetehr he and mom would mind if I painted the phot. He was delighted and this painting resulted. Its a watercolor and is framed and hangs on the wall of the dining room.
I made many more paintings, but my favorite were sceneries, particularly of teh sea and rivers. These themes appealed to me the most.

Painting the Himalayas

I once as a young officer travelled to Simla and the montains higher up in the Hamalayas. There I got the inspiration to paint the above attached painting. It shows the mountains in full color and a river cascading down. Over the years this piece of art has dulled slightly, but I think it is still good. It again is displayed on the wall of the kitchen of our house in Delhi.

Last Word

I made in all about 40 paintings and some of them over the years have faded and need a touch up. I have a memory of painting my girl friend a punjabi girl in the nude, but I won't reproduce it here as the girl is still around. Maybe I could hold an exhibition and see what critics think of my amateur art. Anyway this is the lost opportunity, but I have no regrets as after all as Lord Krishna said in the Gita" Nothing moves, not even a leaf without my will"