Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chail: Outpost in the Himalayas

Visiting Chail in Himachal-A Himalayan Resort

Chail is a parallel hillstation to Simla.It is however less polluted and populated and an enjoyable place.
Chail is a hillstation nestled in the Himalayas.It is on a a parallel hill crest  to Simla the capital of Himachal Pradesh. There is an interesting tale that  traces the origin of Chail.It appears the Maharajah of Patiala had seduced an English girl when the Raj was paramount from Simla.The Viceroy on hearing of what he thought was a misdeamenour by an Indian prince declared Simla out of bounds to the Mahrajah. Well, the mahrajah went one better and created Chail on an adjacent hill crest.
It is a lovely hill station with the Mahrajah's palace serving as a five star deluxe hotel. It also has a cricket ground that must be making some sort of record as the highest cricket field in the world,as Chail is almost at a height of 8000 feet.You can reach Chail easily by car or state bus from Chandigarh. Chandigarh is connected by rail and air to all parts of India.
The beauty of Chail is that it is one of the few places that one can see snow in the sub continent.If you want to witness snowfall,then visit between end December and end January. But if you wish to go when it is not snowing ,but the place is covered with snow, a visit in the first week of feburuary  can be planned.
Chail is an excellent option compared to Simla ,since it is more scenic and the slopes are covered with lush forests. If you want to go to get away from the heats of the plains then a visit during June and july can be planned. Chail is a place where you can have long walks in the mountain trails and savor the fresh air.It can be a invigorating experience. You can also stay at the Palace hotel the abode of the mahrajah. It is shaped like an English castle complete with turrets.
If you are driving by car keep a few days handy in your book as you may just like to extend your stay !