Saturday, December 19, 2015

Can another Pakistan be Created out of India

Can there be another Partition of India 

India was partitioned on 15 August 1947 on the basis of religion, with the Muslim areas forming part of Pakistan and the majority Hindu areas became the core of Hindustan. The partition was a terrible period and more than 2 million perished in the riots that followed. 65 years have elapsed after that fateful day and again India is in ferment with religious and sectarian riots taking place.

 An example is the  Hindu-Muslim riots in Assam  some time back  which  triggered over 800 deaths and 200000 rendered homeless. Is there a method in this madness, one really wonders. in this connection it is worthwhile to read how the Chinese Institute of Strategic Studies has to say, Last year the institute put forward a paper on India. The paper cannot be dismissed as just rhetoric as it says something which we all know , but are scared to articulate.

 The Institute says that India is ripe for a break up with its contradictions of religion, caste politics and corruption. Is what the Chinese Institute says a lie or is there some truth in it? The Chinese think tank is firmly of the view that India will collapse under its own weight with the contradictions in its policies. There is some truth in this report as the Hindus and Muslims even after 65 years have not reconciled their difference. There is no meeting point wheter it is the Babri Masjid or illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

 In addition the government of India has amended the constitution to have a division of society on caste basis as the criterian for jobs and education. Thus a class is created that militates against unity of the country. Add to this the corruption scandals and one can just shudder as to what is likely to happen. India is thus a fractured nation.

 The sole party that has brought India to this sorry state of affairs is the Congress party which has ruled India for 50 of the 65 years of Independence. This party played the sectarian card and religious card at every opportunity and has taken India to the nadir of its existence. 

One other villain VP Singh who introduced a division of society on Caste is not far behind. In one year as the Prime minister of India he put the clock back by 500 years. I am sure the soul of VP Singh cannot rest in peace for what he did to the Indian nation. As a nationaliist I sincerely hope the Chinese study is flawed, but to dismiss it out of hand would be a traversity of logical thought.