Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to Hook the Girl Next Door * 73

Dating the Girl next door in India?

India is a peculiar country as the country at places is modern and at places still mired in anachronisms of the past. thus in case you fancy a girl next door and want to date her the  rules of dating will have to be fine tuned to the Indian condition.

Firstly insure that you do not make any direct approach in the initial stages at all. Girls in India (except in the Metros like Mumbai) are conditioned by society around them and will recoil into their shell when accosted or approached by a stranger. So you will have to play the waiting game and then only you can be a winner.

Secondly map the girl’s route and her daily routine. In case she is a student or a working woman it’s easier as her routine will be fairly regular. Make it a point to be available at vantage points so that she can see you every day and becomes familiar with your face. Make it a point to put in your best behavior and be well dressed with a smart look.This process can run into many weeks and then in case you are lucky a time will come when a girl may need some help. Be the gallant knight and help out and the ice would be broken.

Do not still rush in and play the waiting game. Follow up now with regular greetings and make it looks natural when you accompany her to her place of work or study.  Make light chat and tell her about yourself. Maybe a couple of such visits will do the trick and then you could offer to drive her back from her place of work. Tell her you live nearby and it’s a matter of chance that you are likely to pass by and could take her home
The rest is your ability and you will have to decide when to ask her out for a cup of coffee at Coffee day or a similar joint. Make it a point not to touch her till another few weeks and after that if Indra the god smiles on you may get a chance to kiss her.

So friends and young men follow these few steps and in case you are assiduous and work hard the object of your desire could be in your arms. Girls are the same everywhere conservatisms be dammed.