Saturday, December 19, 2015

Islamic Paradise Fuels a Dream * 73

There is a terrible conflict on the world. It is really a battle between the extremist Islamic policy as showcased by Al Qaeda and Islamic State and the so called free world. The war has one aspect that has not been explained and that concerns the suicide bomber. This is a facet of the conflict as tens of suicide bombers loaded with explosives blow themselves up to destroy a monument, a market place or a place of worship. These suicide bombers are highly motivated and many are lured by the dream of their going to paradise after their death.
The Islamic holy books promise the true followers of Islam who have spent a life time in service of the religion an entry into paradise, where 72 virgin wives along with an unspecified number of boys will be their companions. These virgin wives are described in detail in the holy books and are supposed to be hairless and extremely beautiful. The wives also remain perpetual virgins and have the capacity to regenerate their hymens. A detailed description is given of teh attributes of a virgin and this can entice the best of doubters.
The mention of these virgin wives is in the Koran and amplified by the hadiths. Muslim scholars have pointed out that the Koran is the word of god and as such this belief is sacrosanct. There is no discussion about it and it is accepted by all Muslims.