Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Memory of a visit to Kabul * 77

A Glorious Visit:to be Repeated

The company for which I work has an office in Kabul. Last week I was instructed to proceed to Kabul for some official work. I was a little apprehensive about going to Kabul, as the city is always in th enews for the wrong reasons. Everyday one reads of attacks on government buildings and bomb blasts. There was no choice and so I awaited my visa from the Afghan  government.

The visa duly arrived and I drove to Abu Dhabi airport to catch the flight to Kabul. The company asked a professional gunman from South Africa who is also an employee of the company to accompany me. We boarded the Afghan airline and took off. The flight was uneventful and soon we were hovering over Kabul. We landed and I emerged from the plane. Kabul airport is fairly modern, but there tens of soldiers all around.

Visa and immigration formalities took some time and I was asked some pointed questions. On seeing that I was an Indian, the going was easier as the Afghans like Indians. They hate Pakistanis and one Pakistani along with us was given a harrowing time. We came out of the airport to find a bulletproof car waiting for me. This I was told is essential in Kabul, the driver a Afghan named Abdul was friendly and smiled all the tme. Seeing the gunman with me he smirked" no use,no use".

Two days passed in Kabul like a dream. Its not a bad place. The Afghans are friendly and like Indians and the food is superb. The hotel where I stayed was ringed with barbed wire, as I was told that Taliban aided by Pakistan could attack anytime. The Afghans were very friendly and hospitable. But I didn't see much of the city as I was told that its not safe.

I did venture once into the narrow bazaars and loved it. The city is ringed by barbed wire, but overall its safe. I wanted to spend more time but 2 days passed in Kabul like a dream. I will
 go again and Taliban or no Taliban will like to explore the city to my hearts content.

Modern kabul

kabul is having a mall and a modern business center. This is where I sat for 2 days. I could not take photographs as taking photographs is absolutely forbidden.