Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sikhs Abroad are Second Class Citizens and Many are Attacked

My Thoughts on Sikh Immigrants to the USA and Canada

Confused Sikhs abroad defaming their own land and without a status ythemselves

Some years back when I left the  Indian Air Force, I paid a visit  to London.  On a Sunday, my host took me to the local Sikh gurudwara in East London. There was a large congregation, but the important point was that a Sikh got up on the podium and started a long winded attack on the Indian government. He claimed that the Sikhs were being persecuted in India and he called for the establishment of a seperate Sikh state or 'Khalistan'.
I wished to counter this as I am a Sikh and what that man had stated was an absolute lie, but my host advised me to keep silent to avoid bloodshed.  This is the bane of Sikhs abroad. They fueled the  Khalistan movement with lakhs of rupees  and this continued till the Khalistan movement was broken by the Sikhs themselves in the Punjab.
 The Sikhs abroad live in a different world. They have neither integrated into the community they live nor made any advancement in the social ladder. They  have formed a 'ghetto' mentality. This breeds its own problems and leads to hate crimes . Quite a few Sikhs do put on airs while on visits to India. The fact is that most Indians and that includes Sikhs have a second class status in the USA and Canada. This, they hide under a  veneer of arrogance, but the facts unfortunately leak out. Now there is another element that is added with hate crimes against Sikhs in USA and the UK. I am afraid this is brought upon them by Sikhs themselves. Always attacking Hindus and India seems to be a favorite of these Sikhs, who are in any case second class cirizens there.
The recent attack on the Sikh Gurudwara is  more the malise than an isolated incident. The Sikhs seem to have moved astray from the Sikh religion and some of them had to be declared 'Tankhiya' heratics after they started langar, the community kitchen on tables and chairs. The Gurus  has enjoined all to sit and eat as a community on the floor.
The Sikhs abroad must do some introspection and acts like killing their daughters who wish to marry outside the community need to be stopped. There is a hell of wrong going on and at the end of the day one of my friends just wrote to me that  that the so called El Doradao for which they had come to USA was a dream, just a dream that has died. Many would like to come back to India , but here they won't be able to make two ends meet or be able to eat two square meals ina day. In any case that is the reason they left.
One of my own relations a maticulate who went to Canada after failing to get a job in India, tried 4 times to come back and set up some worthwhile industry in Inida , but god did not smile on him. This is sad, but the Sikhs abroad must certainly do some introsepction.