Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sikhs Abroad : Clutching at Straws to be Relavent

The Sikh Diaspora in Canada and the UK are a Misguided Lot

There are lakhs of Sikhs setlled in the UK and  Canada, not forgeting the USA. However in my interaction with Sikhs particularly in Canada and England I find them suffering for some  delusions. One can perhaps condone this if it remained a harmless delusion, but when it transcends the normal propriety of conduct and behaviour then some action is called for. 
Most Sikhs in the UK and Canada, in particular the Jat Sikhs have taken it upon themselves to foment terror activities with a view to establish Khalistan. This concept has been rejected by 95% of the Sikhs in India and Punjab as well as the USA, but the Sikhs from Canada and UK are stoking the embers of this impossible dream.
Most the Jat Sikhs in these 2 nations spit venom on India and the Hindus. Surprisingly they are silent on the activities of  Pakistan  for whom they seem to have a soft corner. Unfortunately they forget history and a visit to the Sikh Museum at Amritsar should enlighten them as the paintings of Sikhs being tortured and sacrificed are all there. The Ruler of Punjab at that time also murdered 2 of the children of GuruGobind Singh. Thus the venom against India and the Hindus is hard to reconcile. 
Talk of discrimination against the Sikhs by these Jat Sikhs hold no water as just a year or so back, the prime Minister and Army Chief of India were Sikhs. So one wonders what these people want. It is possible that the ISI is egging and encouraging them. They tried it from 1985-92 in the Punjab and miserably failed, so here they may be fishing in muddy waters.
Sometime back general Brar was attacked in London. This  is a pointer to the  state of affairs among the UK Sikhs. They themselves are second class citizens there and this agitataion for a Sikh state is a result of their frusterations in England and Canada. I have observed most of the Sikhs who migrated abroad were from the poorer sections of Sikh society who never made it good in the homeland. Hungry and destitute these Sikhs  came looking for El Doradao, when that didnt materialize they took their energy in the field of a Sikh state, actively fueled by Pakistan.
It is about time the Sikhs themselves opposed these  Sikhs fomenting terrorism  from the UK and Canada.  The Indian government must also be wary and  the British police must act decisively to cut these terror groups down.  I am a Sikh myself but when I visted gurudwara in East london I was struck by the rabid anti India ssentiment. Its about time something was done to counter these terror groups. These groups who were failures in India, must not be allowed to be part of the terror pantheon.