Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jihadi John may be dead ** 80

Jihadi John whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi has reportedly been killed in a drone strike by the USAF. This man was responsible for many beheading of Western hostages, which were duly video graphed and then broadcast  all over the world. This man obviously took sadistic pleasure in severing the heads of the hostages.

Mohammed Emwazi is from Syria and came to the UK at the age of 6. He had his education in the UK, but like most Muslims never integrated with English ethos and culture. On the contrary his mental makeup became decidedly anti West.

The  terrorist was assasinated by a missile fired by an American drone over Raqqa the so - called capital of the Caliphate created by Islamic State which controls land in Syria and Iraq.
As per reports, he was apparently  about to enter into a car when the missile attack took place. As was expected the Islamic State have denied this and have insisted that Jihadi John survived the attack and was taken to hospital though badly injured.

One thing is clear, that Western intelligence had full and complete knowledge of Jihadi Johns movements. Perhaps operatives were on the ground to track the terrorist. Killing him was a mission for Western intelligence.

If it is confirmed that Jihadi John has been taken out it is unlikely to endanger the day to day running of Islamic State as he was not exactly a high - up figure in the hierarchy of Islamic State such as Baghdadi the self styled Caliph of the Islamic State.
It will however be a propaganda coup for the West and will hopefully bring closure to his victim's families.

The Islamic State is coming under great pressure from the air as Coalition forces bomb it and lately the Russians have joined in as well, though western nations are not too happy with the Russian intervention. One reason is that the Russians are supporting their man in Damascus President Bashar al - Assad. The West wants him out, but its easier said than done.

Jihadi John or Mohammed Emwazi  in case dead will not be grieved by anyone. He was a man long wanted for killing the western hostages in a most brutal manner. His death will be like a balm to the families of the men who were  beheaded by this man