Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ghosts, Demons and the Supernatural * 68

Aug 25th, 2010
Ghosts and Demons are accepted by all religions. But in addition there is tangible evidence that such entities do exist.
The  Supernatural Incident
The duo started walking to the village. It was a dark night and a cold icy wind blew as it was November and winter was setting in. Mid way to the village there is a small rivulet , which has water only during the rains. It appears as the two men approached the rivulet they heard the hooves of a horse on the dry earth. They looked back and saw nothing. This was repeated thrice and each time the horse appeared to move closer to the duo.But they could see nothing.
They were a little scared at this event and decided not to look back when they waded into the rivulet to cross . They also started reciting the Japji Saheb-the holy prayer of Guru Nanak. When they were mid way in the water, it seemed to them that the horse was coming at a furious pace and moved into the rivulet and fell into the water with a splash.They did not look back but continued praying till they reached their village.
Ghosts and Spirits

This incident looks unbelievable but people who were part of this incident swear that it is true. All religions agree that there is a dark world that includes the undead. The existence of ghosts, demons, and angels is an age old question. Many people are skeptic but many are believers. 
But generally a ghost is a spirit that is on earth and unable to gain entry into the spirit world. This could be for a variety of reasons like some unfinished work or having committed some abhorrent crime like child rape and murder the spirit  is denied entry into the after life. Thus he moves in this earth till he can atone for his sins. Such spirits can also cause harm and are manifested in a number of ways like eerie goings on in an empty house. Doors being slammed, windows breaking, bricks falling all cannot be explained by scientific logic. I for one do believe in ghosts. Now coming to Demons.These are closely linked with angels. They complement each other. Angels are good, demons are bad. Angels work for God, demons work for the devil.

All religions accept angels and demons as they are supposed to balance each other. The church also accepts demons and exorcism of evil spirits is part of Christian philosophy. The field is vast and it will be some time when  science will unravel this last mystery of the world. Belief in such supernatural events and powers for centuries icertainly has some basis  and deserves respect