Saturday, December 26, 2015

Modi has Pulled off a Diplomatic Coup: Meeting Sharif

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Lahore on Friday for a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in a surprise visit to this country -the first visit to Pakistan by an Indian premier in more than 10 years. Modi was received by Sharif with a warm hug at the tarmac of Allama Iqbal International Airport after his unexpected stopover here on his way back home after a day-long trip today to Afghanistan where he went after concluding a two-day visit to Russia on Thursday.
Modi was accorded a red carpet welcome as PM’s special IAF Boeing 737 plane made a smooth touchdown at 4.20 local time(4.50 IST). He then took a chopper to proceed to Sharif’s Raiwind palatial residence in the outskirts of Lahore.

There is no doubt that what Modi has done is nothing short of a diplomatic coup. Such steps require courage and Modi has shown he has that courage,  Compared to the insipid diplomacy of Mam Mohan Singh , MODIS approach is  vibrant. Hats off to him. All credit also to Nawaz Sharif in the sense that he agreed to play ball

One cannot see immediate tangible results, but such visits certainly defang the serpents of war. the questin that may well be asked , what next? I would like to draw the attention to teh RSS spokesperson, who has recently said that things will come back to an even keel  once India and Pakistan and bangladesh come home again. ie. unite as it was when Akbar and Ashoka ruled. Not possible as yet, but there is no harm in dreaming.