Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Islam has Solved problem of Adultry * 68

Adultery and the Islamic Solution

Adultery is as old as history of man. Over the centuries, adultery is one trait that has survived and will perhaps never go away. It is safe to say that though polygamy has become outdated in most of the world, adultery still thrives.
Islam has its own solution for adultery. This is the reason that adultery is severely punished in Islam. The punishment for sex outside marriage is death by stoning. Islam has however its own solution for adultery. It allows a man to have upto 4 wives. Divorce for the man is also simplified and a man can divorce a wife easily and marry again, so as to remain within the ambit of 4 wives. Thus a man  can have  variety in his sex life and chance of adultery is almost zero.
However there is a catch in this, as the laws are weighted in favor of man. Perhaps it is a recognition that man by nature is polygamus. Islam has recognised this peculair trait of a mans makeup. Many will not agree with this, but almost 30% of the world is following Islam.