Thursday, December 3, 2015

Muslim Terror Groups are the Fifth Column: California Killings

California Killings:USA faces local Islamic Militancy

The recent killing by radicalised Muslims in California shows that danger of Islamic terror is very real in USA.

Call of Wahabbi Islam Groups to Kill

Many people have been writing and commenting that all Americans must never discriminate  against Muslims. They also write and opine that Muslim refugees must be welcomed in USA. Thankfully such people are in an minority and I have estimated from my visits to America are a microscopic  minority. They are not more than 2%. No wonder that 26 Governors have refused to admit Muslim refugees.

The killings in California should act as a eye opener. 14 innocent people have been shot dead and now authorities have confirmed that both the shooters were Muslim. They have also confirmed that both the suspects were also radicalised. In other words they were swayed by Islamic rhetoric.

Names are not important, but the deed is. Now we have learnt that the man was of Pakistan origin and his lady companion or wife had spent time in Saudi Arabia. The Muslim connection is loud and clear. A raid of their apartment has revealed a veritable arsenal of weapons and shows that perhaps this couple wanted to kill hundreds more. This is a chilling thought.

Close on the heels of the Paris carnage, this attack brings out the role of fifth columns, who attack a state from inside. All these attacks were by Muslim migrants who had entered these nations to settle down. But a short time later these Muslims were raised to believe that Islam is best served by killing as many non Muslims as possible.

I have stressed the danger of Muslim as a group. I also agree that all Muslims are not swayed by terror thoughts. But the so called peaceful majority has woefully failed to rein in this volatile and dangerous minority. So what is to be done? I am inclined to agree with Donald Trump that some racial profiling must be done.

The Islamic world is unable to cope with outfits that espouse a Islamic Caliphate. Now the latest document published by the Islamic State talks of targeting India along with the west. A real fight is on our hands. It may be the last fight  between good and evil and one can't forecast the winner.