Saturday, January 2, 2016

Orgasm and Everyday life ** 79

Orgasm is it The End All be All of The Sex Act ?

The sex act is Gods gift to a man and a woman. In the world over the sex act focus is orgasm,but sex is more than that.
The sex act is Gods gift to a man and a woman. This act of procreation and is sanctified by religion. The act per se has many interpretations. For example in the West the focus is on orgasm. Most Western social scientists and sex experts give a lot of advice on how to achieve orgasm. The result is that the average man or woman is obsessed with the concept of orgasm.

Most people view orgasm as the final denouement of the sex act, yet the ancient Hindu Tantra texts advocate the sex act, where in the end is not orgasm but a path to some thing greater. Here orgasm is not the goal, but just a milestone on the way. The focus as per Tantra is to achieve union with God. This may appear a far fetched theory, but a deeper study of this concept can help to understand the sex act and its relation to God as per the Tantra theory.

In tantra the goal is to prolong the sex act. The theory is that the sperms of a man have life giving power and can be the vehicle to ignite extra sensory powers popularly referred to as ESP. I also recollect that my Yogic teacher once told me in an informal chat, that the sperms if conserved can slowly go upwards to the brain via the spinal cord. These life giving sperms can then ignite ESP in the human body. The act of Sir Asana (Yogic Head stand) is the vehicle for the sperms to go up to the base of the brain.

Thus the end of a sex act need not be an orgasm. Also the aim can be to just pleasure the partners body and go on and on with the sex act. Some famous religious teachers also advocate this concept. Acharya Rajneesh also propagated this concept, which in any case had been borrowed by him from Hindu tantra thought. Western doctors who have studied this concept of Rajneesh have been appreciative of it.

In simple parlance when a couple mate, the aim should be to try and get closer to the Alma mater and not just a furious act that leads to an orgasm. In the ultimate analysis this may by itself be not all that beneficial. The ancient Hindu scriptures thus need to be looked at afresh and a man and woman would be the better of if they were not obsessed with orgasm.