Friday, January 15, 2016

Can Sex Unite the Human Race by Breeding Racially

Sex and Unity of the Human Race

The chemistry of the sex act has yet not been fully understood and it cannot be the basis of world unity.

Race and Sex

The human being is a complex piece of Gods invention. It has varied emotions and one of them is sex and desire. Generally it transcends all barriers at the given moment of the sex act. But the prelude to it and the aftermath develop different emotions.
In the middle of the last century a gentleman named Dr Ward made news. It appeared he lived of prostitutes and that was the crime for which he was charged. Dr. Ward committed suicide, but one statement of his that all he was trying to do was to break racial barriers through the sex act needs examination. He felt that copulation between black and white and white and black would break barriers and the races can integrate.

On the face of it, this looks a very plausible hypothesis because Dr. Ward has simplified a complex chemistry and reduced it to a single act. In real terms this is not possible as there is another quality of human beings that cannot be ignored and that are jealousy and racial superiority, not forgetting religion. These are the divisive forces and till they are erased this theory cannot function. The sex act is a representation of this thought process and the chance that a man or woman who considers himself or herself as belonging to a chosen race or religion will accept sex as a common denominator is well nigh impossible. Thus the Muslim Moghul rulers could countenance sex and marriage with Rajput princesses, yet they could not allow the same privilege to Rajput Hindu kings to have sex and marry Muslim girls.

Thus the Germans during the reign of Hitler and the Moslem invaders and much later the white race have ingrained ideas of sex and race. Matters went to the extreme in South Africa where the policy of Apartheid firmly debarred sex between black and white races. In the USA also organizations like the KKK( ka Klux Klan) believed in purity of the white race and murdered blacks who had sex with white women.
Thus the fact is that though sex is extremely desirable, yet it cannot form a basis of unity of the races in the world. Perhaps the complexities of relationships between man and woman have as yet not been deciphered.