Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donald Trump is Riding High * 76

Donald Trump Represents a Reality: There are Many in America who support him

Madan G Singh
Lack lustre rule of Obama is coming to an end and a new president will be sworn in. It is interesting to note that a extreme right wing candidate in Donald Trump does have a sizeable number of supporters

Politics in America.

The political scenario in America has heated up and the leading opposition contender is Donald Trump. He leads the pack and his likely opponent is Hillary Clinton, wife of ex-president Bill Clinton. I suppose this is her only qualification as she has for so long been identified with the establishment, that Americans will want a change and I am sure she will not win. Whether Donald gets the nomination or not, is not the point, but I am convinced the American people will vote for change and Hillary does not figure in that line up.

The US president is the most powerful in the world and one fact that cannot be hidden is the role of the present president Barack Hussein Obama. A fact not known to many is that he was the man who released Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from Camp Bucca in 2009 . This man now heads the dreaded ISIS and Daesh and has dreams of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. As per Dr Micheal Knight an Iraq expert at the Washington Institute for near East Policy , Baghdai is a Salafi( follower of a fundamentalist Islam) and carried an awrd of $ 10 million on his head. The fact is this man is also a threat to many countries in the region including teh UAE and Saudi Arabia, not forgetting Egypt.

One fact that is clear is that during the time of Obama the war on terror ( islamic fundamentalism) was toned down and the results have been disasterous. There are many YouTube videos showing the speeches of Obama which to say the least are chilling. My point is that with the present dispensation in power, the US has beome more vulnerable. An American travelling abroad is in great danger as there is a chance he would be captured by Muslim Jihadi . In adition alll over the world, the US is at the recieving end and to many it is the "great Satan".

In such a scenario the rise of the ideas of Donald Trump is inevitable. His winning or losing is a game, but the fact is that almost 30% Americans believe that something drastic should be done about Islamic activities.This is more pronounced after the California killings. Donald Trump has articulated that thought and idea. To condemn him for suggesting profiling of Muslims and stopping of more Mosques being built is not a point at all. Perhaps he is being overly aggressive, but then he is pandering to the present american sentiment.

The American's want change and it will come. After all Hitler also came to power in a general election. This is not to suggest that a Hitler will emerge in America, but the exit of the negative years of Obama must be rectified and history will do it.