Friday, January 15, 2016

Developing Super Powers the Hindu Way * 66

Mantra's and Attainment of Super Powers

Mantra's or spells are supposed to give a man super powers. Though there is no scientific basis for this, yet these phenomena can be dismissed out of hand.

Development of Super Powers

I remember a few years back my father telling me an interesting tale. It concerned his efforts to achieve super powers with the help of a Tantric. It appears that a tantric once came to his village at Hoshiarpur. The man was looked after by my father, who while leaving confided a Mantra to him. Ho also instructed him to recite the mantra while immersed up to his waist in a pond of water.
The mantra to worship the Goddess Chandi
Accordingly, this ritual was carried out by my father for 40 nights. He would enter the pond and when he was immersed up to his waist, he would begin reciting the Mantra. He did this for 39 nights and nothing happened. However on the 40 th night he had some qualms about going ahead, but steeled himself and entered the pond. He says that just as he started reciting the Mantra the entire pond burst into flames, which surrounded him. He got scared and was wondering what to do when the flames vanished and the entire pond was filled with crocodiles that moved menacingly towards him.
At that stage he got really frightened and ran out of the pond, praying he would never come again. Next day he met the tantric and related the eerie goings on to him. The tantric told him that he had done a great mistake by running away as after the Alligators, a ship would have come with the Goddess Chandi and he ( my father) would have devolved super powers and ESP.
Such a tale told to me by anybody else would have been apt to be dismissed by me, but as it was my own father I am apt to believe it. In Hindu tantric theory the black arts and magic are clearly mentioned. There are rituals that allow a man to develop super powers that are out of the ordinary.
Development of ESP
In such a scenario one is reminded of Peter Hurkos a Dutch window cleaner who fell of a ledge while cleaning windows during a German air raid during world war II. He fell on his head and became unconscious and when he recovered in hospital he realized that he had developed extra sensory powers that he could not explain.
Thus perhaps the Hindu Tantra theory is correct, as there are zones in the human brain if activated can bestow super powers of divination and telepathy. These powers were activated by accident in the case of Hurkos, but in the case of others as per tantric theory they can be activated by rituals, mantras and black magic.
The field is vast and knowledge is still scanty. A lot many people will dismiss all this as hogwash, but that is not the entire truth. There are eerie goings on that have no explanation. I recollect meeting a Muslim Pir( Holy Man) in Bombay who had the uncanny power of reading your mind by just asking you to put your thumb on a porcelain plate. It was uncanny when the Pir told me why I had come and what my problem was.
This is the last frontier. The Hindu ancients had some knowledge of this. Perhaps in the years to come this frontier will also be breached