Monday, January 18, 2016

Angela Merkel taken for a Ride on refugee Issue

The German chancellor Angela Merkel appears to have been fooled. Her sense of a humanitarian crises and desire to help the Muslim refugees swamping Europe seems to have been misplaced. Germany under her stewardship was the foremost country to champion absorption of the Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. One wonders what guided her line of thought. Maybe the race politics of Hitler played on her psyche and she wanted to show a “different” face of Germany.
Angela Merkel however misread the situation. Maybe she was not convarsant with the true face of Islam. The net result is that many hard core Muslim fanatics owing allegiance to Al Qaeda and ISI have entered Germany in the guise of refugees.The recent discovery of a cache of arms has complicated the issue. These terrorists in the guise of refugees are bound to foment terrorist acts in Germany and Europe. There is no doubt that the German Chancellor has been led up the garden path. I wonder her being a woman has anything to do with this blunder.
matters seem to grow from bad to worse as these Muslim men have not been able to adjust to the freedom of women as they see. there have many attacks and rapes of white women in Germany. In Cologne during New Years eve  at least two German women were raped and scores molested.There has been outrage,  but this was expected and the German political leadership led by Merkel may have to pay a deadly price for this. 
As things stand, thousands of refugees have entered Europe and despite efforts of some nations the swelling tide cannot be stopped.